ETBC Strategic Intent

Strategic Intent

The East Torrens Baseball Club Purpose is simple, in everything we do we want to; Seek to secure the future of the East Torrens Baseball Club as a community club; one that is successful on and off the field, ensuring baseball is an attractive and accessible sport for all.

This is to be achieved by focusing on 3 main areas.  Community, Equality and Sustainability. These key concepts are the focus of the plan, with the idea to expand our community reach, building our membership base, with a key to expanding our female membership, whilst expanding our community engagement within all groups.  With all this in mind creating a club that for generations to come can be enjoyed due to a sustainable plan, one that focuses on being fiscally responsible with sound policies and procedures in place that are identifiable to all. This is the basis for our Purpose.

These key concepts are underpinned by 5 foundations, being Members, Partnerships, Competition, Governance and Facilities.  These 5 foundations are the catalyst for change, always with the view to achieve our purpose.

From there we have 25 objectives.  All these objectives aim to deliver on our purpose.  The intent is to view each objective as a small project, one that will be developed over the course of this plan, with a focus on inclusion. Some of these projects will be quick, while others will require greater work, consultation and review to ensure it delivers, but I am confident with the group of members the ETBC have we can achieve all our objectives and achieve our overall purpose.

With everything, there are always ways we can improve and I encourage all members to provide feedback at every opportunity.  Please contact me at